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Cockpit updates

přidáno: 13. 8. 2013 7:59, autor: Pavel Brodský   [ aktualizováno 15. 1. 2014 10:07 ]

RAT/EPR gauge

Overhead switches preview

HSI preview

APU gauges

Overhead gauges 2

Overhead gauges 1

Stand-by horizon demo

Fuel Quantity gauges alive!

DC-9 flaps indicator

14 of instruments working together

Elevator force feedback working

first overhead gauge

Force feedback connected, but reversed :(

Yoke force check

DC-9 radios finished

Force feedback: gearbox installed

DC-9 engine instruments: Milestone 1

DC-9 gauges interfacing update

DC pressure gauges interfacing

Oxygen regulator test

Pressure altimeter interfacing

Force Feedback

force feedback preview

parking brake

Cross bleeds and fire levers!

Engine instruments - unit 1 done

Engine instruments update

SAT gauge interfaced

NAV radios update

EPR gauges interfaced!

RPM gauges update


Parking brake

First RPM gauge

Fuel Flow gauge via Arduino

Cockpit structural support frame

Repaired seat rails, yoke linkage and pedals linkage + adjustment

Flight controls mechanism under the floor

Arduino generating 3 phase AC (RPM gauge)


Autopilot 3

Throttle quadrant assembly

Autopilot 2

First gauge connected to FSX

Autopilot 1

EGT gauge 2

EGT gauge 1

DC-9 cockpit arrived!